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Ebook - UK Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax and VAT Practice Questions (2023/24)


Authors: Alan Combs & Terry Filer

ISBN: 978-1-906201-777

Published: August 2023

Ebook Host: Vital Source 

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This book provides a comprehensive test bank of more than 50 questions, all with fully worked answers, related to the 2023/24 UK corporation tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and VAT rules.

This book can be used on a standalone basis linked to any introductory UK tax course or book covering these taxes but is specifically designed to be a companion text to :

This text provides a comprehensive set of questions covering all aspects of UK corporation tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and VAT tax as detailed in these companion texts. It enables to the users of these books to test their knowledge further after working through the details of each section of these titles to enable them to be more fully prepared for their University or professional course examinations.

A full index is provided into the companion texts so the reader can easy see what questions test what knowledge on a section by section basis.

A perfect companion text to deepen knowledge and enable the user to be thoroughly prepared for their assessment. 


Author information:

Alan Combs BA, MSc, FCCA was a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Leeds Beckett University

Terry Filer FCCA is an Associate Professor of Taxation and Accounting at Swansea University 


This book will be a hugely valuable complement to my book whether you are studying at University or on professional courses. To be as well prepared as you can be for your assessment you need to complete as many practice questions as you can - no other way of improving your tax computation ability comes close to just practicing and practising questions. This book makes doing that as easily as it can be

Prof. Andy Lymer, Aston University and co-author of Taxation - Policy and Practice 2023/24