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Multiple Choice Questions

This section of the website provides you with a series of Multiple Choice, and other type, questions you should use to check on your progress as you work your way through the textbook. Alternatively, they can provide you with a revision test to take at the end of the course to test how prepared you are for an exam on material covered by this book. You may wish to consult with your lecturer/tutor to ensure all questions are relevant to your course.

Select the chapter number you have just completed from the list below to see the Multiple Choice Questions for that chapter. The questions will appear in a new web browser window on your computer.

  • Follow the instructions provided to work through the questions.
  • A running score will be provided as you move through each set of questions so you can keep track of your progress (your average score is based on the number of questions you get correct first time).
  • Try to avoid using the Hints unless you are really stuck to provide the best judge of how well you have understood the material in the chapter you have just studied.