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Despite our best efforts, some errors may will be found in a textbook of this complexity where such frequent changes of regulations make the annual updating of this text a complex task.

Where such errors are discovered by us, or pointed out to us by users of the book, we will list them on this page so that everyone can be informed of any mistakes found.

Please accept our apologies for any confusion caused by the presence of these errors.



  • Page 327 - Activity : In the question the qualifying R&D is given as £25,000 but the 100% normal deduction level in the answer is listed as £20,000 in error. This number should be £25,000 (i.e. 100% of £25,000) in the answer. This change makes no difference to the overall total where TTP is still £0 however. 
  • Page 476 - Answer to Chapter 9 Question 3 : The result of the marginal relief computation is incorrectly given as £1,474.15 but should be £2,211.23 (per the computation details given which are correct - only the answer is incorrect). This means the resulting CT liability should be £23,435.02 (not £24,172.10 as given).


No other errors have been found in the book 

If you come across something in the book you think is an error please let us know so that we can check it (email to - We would be most grateful so we can let others know here too.