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by Andy Lymer and Lynne Oats

Taxation - Policy and Practice 30th Edition 2023/2024

Welcome to the Website Resource Centre for the 30th Edition of Taxation: Policy and Practice.

30th EDITION (2023/24) RELEASED JULY 1st 2023

- changes in the new edition include:

  • complete revision of the book for both of the 2023 Budget & Finance Act
  • updated and extended Quick Quiz sections to test your knowledge at the end each of the computational chapter
  • addition of a number of new computational questions (some with full answers in the text and some with answers available via your lecturer) for each chapter
  • complete re-write of all chapters
  • further use of 'fiscal facts' throughout to further your knowledge
  • updated adopting lecturer materials - including a complete set of powerpoint slides covering the entire book

DID YOU KNOW - this text was adopted as the essential or recommended text in more than half of all UK Universities! This makes it by some margin the most popular UK taxation text choice for UK Universities.

Recent research also confirms this as the most widely used UK tax textbook - see Daly, S & Lawton, A 2022, 'Another check of the temperature of tax teaching in the UK', British Tax Review, vol. 2022, no. 2, pp. 202-229

This is the home page for the 2023/24 edition of this annually updated book now in its 30th year of production.

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