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Tax Administration: Safe Harbours and New Horizons (Atax Tax Administration Series Volume 3)

£38.95 £14.95

Editors: Michael Walpole and Chris Evans

ISBN: 978-1906201029

Copyright: 2008

Published: January 2009

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This book, the third volume in the Atax Tax Administration series, provides insights and analysis of major developments in this area in recent years.

It includes contributions from administrators and academics operating at the highest levels in the OECD, Australasia, Europe and North America.

Chapters cover the full range of tax administration issues, from benchmarking best practice through to the role of intermediaries, aspects of revenue collection and repayment and issues relating to compliance, compliance costs and complexity.

The instructive papers delivered in this volume throw light on all the important current issues in tax administration.

Sir Anthony Mason AC, KBE