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Further Key Issues in Tax Reform

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ISBN: 0-9515157-6-4

Published: 1998

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The latest and final volume of key issues in tax reform. As well as chapters by eminent economists Andrew Dilnot, Richard Bird, Leif Muten and Stephen Smith, it has contributions from Lord Howe of Aberavon (formerly Sir Geoffrey Howe, Chancellor of the Exchequer in the United Kingdom, 1979-83) and Elizabeth Filkin, UK Revenue Adjudicator until 1999 and now Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards.

Andrew Dilnot, Director, IFS London - The Taxation of Savings
John O'Hagan, Professor, TC Dublin - The Taxation of Tobacco
Stephen Smith, Professor, UCLondon - The Carbon Tax: A Tax Whose Time has Come?
Roger Bowles, Director, CFS Bath - Minimising Corruption in Tax Affairs
Geoffrey Howe (Lord Howe of Aberavon) Chancellor of the Exchequer1979-83 -Tax Law Simplification in the United Kingdom
Elizabeth Filkin, UK Revenue Adjudicator - Dealing with Complaints - The Adjudicator. A UK Experiment
Sean Moriarty, Irish Revenue Commissioners - Tax Compliance: Managing the Landscape of Relationships with the Taxpayer
Donal de Buitleir, General Manager, AIB, Secretary, IrishTax Commission, 1980-85 - The Role of Tax Incentives: The Irish Experience
Leif Muten, Professor of International Taxation, Stockholm; IMF 1968-91 - Minimising the Tax Effects of Inflation
Richard Bird, Professor and Director International Centre for Tax Studies, Toronto - Administrative Constraints on Tax Policy
Cedric Sandford, Emeritus Professor; Director CFS Bath 1975-86 - Tax Reform of the 'Eighties in Retrospect - What Can We Learn?

The quality of the essays is excellent. Each one is well written and provides a useful overview that avoids unnecessary detail.

T.E. in Canadian Tax Journal, vol. 46, no. 4